Friday, September 23, 2011

Dosschwitz, “Where Work Will Set You Free!”

Okay this post won’t be nearly as long as interesting as the others but I wanted to give a quick update about how IFS is going and how this program does a great job (from what I am told) of sucking all the fun out of flying…. This is NOT a training program, but a SCREENING program. Aka don’t get screened. 

This place goes by the call sign Dosschwitz.  It’s an intense 3-4 week program that test if you have what it takes to make it through pilot training.  It is located down in Pueblo, CO, and run out of a building where you literally sleep, eat, workout and learn.  If you don’t go outside to fly you probably won’t see the sun that day, and there are no windows in your room.  (Crazy huh?!) But it’s not so bad; it’s awesome to see some old friends from USAFA and to make some new ones as well. People from all different backgrounds come here, some with CFIs some with zero flight time, and we all go through it together.  There is even one guy that is from the Hawaiian National Guard that already has a F-22 slot! (The guard are given their assigned planes and then sent to UPT). Must be nice! We’ve made it through our first two days of Academics (totaling around 20 hours already for the past 2 days, plus have taken a physical fitness test and our first ops limits and bold face test (not everyone passed so we have to take it again soon).  Hopefully we can get some time to relax this weekend and head back to our “Mecca” aka USAFA and catch a football game on sat!

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